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A business-to-business debt collection law firm such as Accelerated Legal Recovery, Ltd collaborates with nationwide network of collection attorneys who work on contingency basis. This basis is advantageous for organizations looking to collect debts at low costs because the attorneys only accept payment until the debt is recovered. Organizations also benefit from this method as their in-house employees avoid having to collect the debts themselves, which can be time-consuming especially if there are numerous delays in the payment process. When companies delay paying their debts, it often requires the service of collection attorneys to coerce organizations to pay their dues as early as possible. Business to business collection attorneys are highly specialized professionals who thrive on performing the necessary due diligence at researching the subject in debt and their assets. They are also well-versed on federal law, which allow them to legally take action in the event that organizations fail to comply with paying their respective debts.

In representing their clients in a debt collection case, debt collection attorneys have numerous methods of obtaining past dues from other businesses. Before they file any legal case with the party in debt, they must first send them a demand letter that acts as a formal demand for payment. It is sent to the debtor to demand payment on a specific timeframe before a lawsuit is filed. The demand letter consists of the exact amount that is owed. It also contains a written reason stating why that amount is being demanded. The organizations being demanded to pay often get coerced into paying their debts on time because the letter consists of written consequences that the debtor will be charged with if the payment is not received on time. Additionally, issuing demand letters is an effective way to expedite resolution and avoid litigation.

Another method that is utilized by debt collection attorneys is to collect all necessary documentations between their clients and the organizations in debt. This includes all e-mails, invoices, and bills exchanged between both parties involved. They also access the debtor’s information such as company history and assets to aid them in formulating a collection strategy that they customize according to their client’s business industry. By customizing their debt collection methods according to their client’s business industry, debt collection attorneys have higher success rates at obtaining debts in full and on time. They also prevent their clients from having to take their cases to court which lasts a very long time.