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Accelerated Legal Recovery, Ltd masterfully provides the service of collection litigation throughout the entire nation. With a nationwide network of collection attorneys who work on contingency basis, these individuals act as third party collectors who have the experience and resources to collect debt from an organization required by law to pay their past dues. This third party collection system has the highest success rate of collecting debt as these collectors are licensed credit professionals who work at no end to obtain the debt owed to their clients. By putting the necessary pressure on organizations to pay their debts, these credit professionals obtain the money that is owed to their clients.

When debtors fail to pay their past dues, these professional collectors work to personally pursue the debtors to pressure them into paying their debts. If they fail to pay their dues, the collector then takes legal action by sending them a demand letter that acts as a formal demand for payment. This letter contains all of the legal measures that may be constituted against them if they do not pay their debts within a specific timeframe. If this method still does not work, the claim is then submitted to the court and the debtor receives a summons.

As judgment is passed by the court for an organization to pay their debt, these professional collectors gather all the necessary information such as e-mails, billings, and invoices between their clients and the organizations that hire their services. This information acts as the necessary proof that arms them with the right to collect the debt owed to their clients. The benefits of hiring Accelerated Legal Recovery, Ltd for collection litigation are:

These individuals are credit professionals who have the credentials and experience at handling all types of debt collection cases.
They perform due diligence on researching progressively about the organization in debt. They gather information on company history, earnings, profits, and assets that may be used to pay the debt owed to their clients.

  • They carefully assess all information before presenting an effective collections strategy that they customize to the needs of their clients.
  • All remittances that they collect from debtors go directly to their clients.
  • They work on contingency basis which entails that they only get paid until they recover past dues.
  • They only litigate until they receive a written instruction from their clients.