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Accelerated Legal Recovery, Ltd has an unusually high success rate at obtaining debts when compared to most other business-to-business debt collection law firms. Their high success rate is a testament to the wide range of services that they provide. Among these services are:

In-house Law Firm

Accelerated Legal Recovery, Ltd is comprised of attorneys specializing in debt collection under federal law. Their knowledge of federal law permits them to issue legal demand letters that pressure debtors into paying their past dues within a specific timeframe. Their duty is to take on debt collection cases that have the potential of becoming legal cases, which they resolve without having to go to court.

Settlement Agreements

To handle sensitive collection cases, Accelerated Legal Recovery, Ltd provides settlement agreements that handle damage claims, bankruptcy, and delinquent organizations in debt with numerous vendors among others.

Skip Tracing

Another service provided by Accelerated Legal Recovery, Ltd is Skip Tracing which is a method of locating organizations who vanished without paying their debts. This is a regular occurrence in business as certain companies who fall into substantial debt tend to disappear. Oftentimes they disappear on purpose to avoid having to pay their debts.

Judgment Collection

Accelerated Legal Recovery, Ltd also specializes on post-judgment enforcement, which is the collection of past dues from debtors who have lost a debt collection lawsuit in court. The consequence of judgment collection on debtors is they are required by law to pay their debts with either their income or their assets. One of the responsibilities of Accelerated Legal Recovery, Ltd attorneys is to use legal means to locate all income and assets of a debtor to recover proper judgment collection.

Background Investigation

When formulating debt collection strategies for clients, the professionals of Accelerated Legal Recovery, Ltd perform their due diligence at researching about all company assets belonging to debtors. They also gather debtor’s information on profits and earnings to customize debt collection strategy that yield good results for their clients.

Credit Analysis

Organizations often experience financial problems, which causes them to go into debt. Accelerated Legal Recovery, Ltd offers credit analysis, where their in-house employees gather information on the debtor’s entire financial situation. After analyzing all information, they formulate a debt collection strategy geared at providing high rates of success for their clients.